May 13th 2010 we began producing The 20MB Doctor Who Podcast which is streamed and downloaded worldwide by over 1000 fans worldwide. In those days the maximum file download on a mobile network was twenty megabytes so the idea was to produce a podcast that listeners could download anywhere. Nowadays the limit is 100MB.

We began with myself (Adam Pearson) and my then 12 year old daughter Alicia as co-hosts but over 300 episodes later our co-presenters have been far and wide. Linking up over Skype; Kirby Bartlett-Sloan and Mary Blitz-Lang are both in the USA, Andy Nunney is from the UK and Debbie Melrose is also from the Isle of Wight. Past presenters include Rhys Parton and Robert Haynes were both from Australia.

The skill of audio editing overlaps into our video work so it has and still is an education.

If you are a Doctor Who fan follow the link below to our regular show. For all previous episode go to